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Because They Believed

“Because They Believed” is a 101- minute documentary containing interviews of athletic trailblazers that were the first to break through racial barriers to participate in professional sports. These are stories of forgotten male & female athletes who's perseverance and dedication changed the world of sports forever. They boldly integrated and participated in sports that were, at that time, segregated. These stories are told to inspire people of all ages, races and genders. In this documentary, we memorialize the stories of these athletes who broke barriers and opened the doors for the professional athletes of color today.

Interviewees in Order of Appearance
Dr. John Carlos (Track & Field), Tom Flores (Football), Dusty Baker (Baseball), R.C. Owens (Football), Billy Mills (Track & Field), Raymond Chester (Football), Dr. Herbert Carnegie (Hockey), Rosie Bonds (Track & Field), Dr. Tae Yun Kim (Martial Arts), Mal Whitfield (Track & Field), Bill Wright (Golf), Leland Faust (Water Polo),Leigh Steinberg (Sports Agent), Yoshihiro Uchida (Judo), Urla Hill (Historian and Curator), Dr. Tommie Smith (Track & Field), Don Johnson (Tennis) and Dr. Harry Edwards (Sociologist).


I was so honored to be invited to the very special screening of Arif Khatib’s documentary, “Because They Believed.” This important work explores and exposes the systemic racism that has strategically plagued, targeted, discouraged, and silenced so many people. The interviews with athletes and Olympians of color reveal the many shocking challenges and obstacles faced, but also the perseverance, spirit, and commitment of people who rose above and are still rising. You’ll walk away with a better understanding of a history that needs to be told and dealt with if we will ever overcome racial prejudices! May this film fly! May life on earth become fairer for people of color! We’re all in this together! Let's thrive together! - Carmen Stone -


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May 2022 - David Traub has been selected as the Executive Producer for distribution of "Because They Believed."
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June 2022 - Arif Khatib is in London promoting the film and meeting with the theme song writer, Sklyer Jett

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