Our Mission

We create stories that are interesting and compelling enough to leave the audience with a call to action to make the world a better place. Our goal is to provide quality entertainment for this generation and the next.  We are to developing the next modes and mediums of entertainment that will be used in the future.

Our short term goal, is to produce full feature films for distribution via television, Internet and movie theaters. Our long term goal is to produce the next generation of full feature films for distribution via television, Internet and movie theaters using new and innovative media technologies (270 Degree Theaters, 3D and Virtual Reality).

HyperMedia Arts, Inc. has music composers, directors of photography, performing artists, actors and writers.  However, we are always looking for new talent. HyperMedia Arts, Inc. is a California Corporation with a strategic business alliance with Street Dreams Productions to produce full feature films for distribution via television, Internet, and movie theaters.

Business Partner

We partner with businesses to create stories, films, music and content for unique projects.

Street Dreams Productions
Talent Crew & Equipment
  • Provides actors, actresses, performers and musicians as talent in film and television projects. Camera, sound and lighting people capture the stories we tell. www.streetdreamsprod.com


Current and New Projects

What Ah Nerd

"What Ah Nerd" revolves around a student named Ben, who is facing academic problems, popularity issues, girlfriend troubles. He is helped (often without his knowledge) by Sparky the school janitor. Sparky teaches Ben lessons in life that cannot be learned in the classroom.



Because They Believed

“Because They Believed” is a 101- minute documentary containing interviews of athletic trailblazers that were the first to break through racial barriers to participate in professional sports. These are stories of forgotten male & female athletes who's perseverance and dedication changed the world of sports forever. They boldly integrated and participated in sports that were, at that time, segregated. These stories are told to inspire people of all ages, races and genders. In this documentary, we memorialize the stories of these athletes who broke barriers and opened the doors for the professional athletes of color today.



The Moment

Drama | Action | Thriller  

Police officers answer a domestic dispute and kill a family member in their own home.

Coronavirus Survival

Horror | Thriller | Drama | Action

A family fights to survive during the worst wave of the virus outbreak.

Angel in the Hood

Action | Drama 

"Angels of the Hood" is about a group of police officers that have dedicated themselves to mentor, defend and protect the people they serve in the Inner-City.

Where is It?

Family | Comedy | Sci-Fi 

The CEO of a High Tech company CEO dies and his family is forced to find and complete his projects in order to stay financially solvent.

New Projects on the Horizon...

We currently have in development many stories in many genres. We are in the process of producing comedies, dramas, thrillers, sci-fi and family films.

Also, reality shows are being developed using talent from the San Francisco Bay Area. Follow our facebook page to keep up on our new projects:


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