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The "Mentor Theme Song" is the Headline Act for Global Cooperation Day 2014. Also, this international organization has recently submitted this world first-ever mentor theme song to the "Guinness Book of World Records" and to the "United Nations" for the recognition and endorsement for creating such an inspiring song for children across the Globe!



"Sammie Lee Hill, born in San Francisco and raised in North Richmond, California is a retired California Police Officer. After retiring, he attended Saint Mary's College in Moraga receiving a certificate in Legal Studies in 1995. Sammie then began work in Community Relations at Richmond High School. Sammie’s primary duties there involved mentoring and counseling students. Sammie created the educational program, ""Student Principal of The Year"" which was designed to assist high school seniors prepare for college.

In 1998, Sammie began his acting career in a role as a uniform Police Sergeant on the hit television show, ""NASH BRIDGES"" starring Don Johnson and Cheech Marin.

Sammie wrote the “Mentor Theme Song” that received numerous national and international awards including a letter of praise from former President, George W. Bush. The song also received recognition from the United State Congress and the State of California. This song later became the official Mentor Theme Song for ""Mentoring Appreciation Day"" on April 26, 2000. Sammie has been a member of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) since 1998. Sammie's Talent Agent is Steven Bernier of Street Dreams Productions in Oakland, California.

Sammie recently signed a major international music contract for the Mentor Theme Song to be enhanced and recorded by BELINDA, the famous Mexico Superstar Singer. The song will be recorded and performed in English, Spanish and French. The Mentor Theme Song is currently in the process of being endorsed by 32 countries. Sammie is also involved in the development and production of an international documentary entitled ""SECOND CHANCE"" created by Eric Sanchez. This project is designed to provide educational information to show strokes survivors various paths to recovery that can improve their quality of life.


Sammie co-wrote two songs with Dean Andre, a Los Angeles Film Producer / Music Composer / Music Director. The songs are entitled "You'll Always Be My Woman" and "We Can Change The World." We Can Change The World is the theme song for the international film soundtrack motion picture "SPACE CAMP (One World, One Mission)" which will be filmed in Dubai, Brazil, Australia, Japan, China, France, England and the United States in June 2012.  Dean is also the Film Producer & Music Director for a television series called Space Camp and our song is also the theme song for this project as well.  Both of these incredible songs can be found on iTunes, Groupie Tunes, eMusic, Napster, Amazon and Rhapsody. Sammie and Dean have been co-writers and best friends for fifteen years. They believe the film will be nominated for an OSCAR for the next Academy Awards and that the theme song will receive a Grammy. Sammie has indeed reached his musical milestone with his songs as a Lyricist and now he's sharing his gifted talent with his high school students.

Sammie Lee Hill & Dean Andre


In July '07, Sammie created and developed the international Student Principal of The Year Program, which is designed for high school students to perform as School Principal for a day! This educational award-winning school program has received both national and international recognition. In fact, he conducted a workshop on this program at the International Mentoring Association Conference in April '08, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Also, Officer Danny Harris of the Richmond Police Department created the questions for the oral board interview for this program. In addition, Sammie with the assistance of Sam Lee (PHILABURGER RESTAURANT) created the Student Achievement Award for the Richmond High School outstanding students.


Sammie also wrote the first ever International Mentor Theme Song in world history, which became the official theme song for the state of California on April 26, 2000. This inspirational award-winning song is also the theme song for a worldwide documentary entitled "Touched By A Mentor" (in production) by Sara Caldwell, a Los Angeles Screenwriter / Film Producer. This song will also be used in a film called "The Mentor" (pre-production) written by Pete Delorenzo.


Sammie success a Lyricist has earned him numerous awards including the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) Songwriter's Popular Award. This song was endorsed and adopted by Mentors International and the Youth Empowerment Seminar in New Zealand on September 14, 2004. Sammie also received recognition from the White House with a letter of praise from former President George W. Bush on September 17, 2002, for writing this Mentor Theme Song, which is dedicated to at-risk youths around the world.


Sammie is a member in good standing with the Songwriter's Guild of America, the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) and the Screen Actors Guild. In his part-time acting career, Sammie had played the role of a uniform Police Sergeant on the NASH BRIDGES television show with Don Johnson and Cheech Marin.



Artist Information

Jessica Haynie is one of the new talents of the Bay Area. She was nominated and won a Community Service Award and she donated the entire prize money to the cancer foundation known as “Hope Hospice”. Jessica likes the categories of Country, Pop and Gospel music and has won first place in all three competitions. She is a people-person and because of her devotion and love for children, she was the ideal voice for the State of California "Mentor Appreciation Day" theme song. Jessica is also a songwriter and loves to play the piano.


A Percentage of the proceeds from the "Teachers" and "Mentor" songs will be donated to youth programs and non-profit organizations.