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State of California, White House Recognition,

ASCAP Award-winning and

First International Mentor Theme Song In World History


 I will show you the way…to succeed in life

But first, you gotta promise me that you do things right

Life is hard; we all know this is true

But no matter what comes…I will stand by you

Think positive and fulfill your dream

No matter how difficult it may seem___

I’m your MENTOR______


I’m givin’ back to my community

So that you and I can work…in unity

Forget about the past…that we all done wrong

Now is the time to stand tall and be strong

This will be your decision…and your ultimate choice

Now it’s time to celebrate and rejoice___

I’m your MENTOR______



My heart…my mind…and my love is reachin’ out for you

I know there’s nothin’ that you can not do

So reach…reach for the sky…and do all you can

Someday you will understand___

That I’m your MENTOR______


Repeat Chorus:


Original Lyrics by: Sammie Lee Hill

Copyright. © 1999